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My drama review animoto take a look

This is an incredible tool for use in the classroom, my favorite so far in this class!  I decided to take a PowerPoint I created on drama (for a practicum class I was in) and the results were worlds away from my PowerPoint.  This format truly takes the viewer on a journey and I believe a lot of that has to do with being able to add sound to the presentation of information.  I wish I had known about this tool sooner because it would have been a much less “painful” approach for the students in the classroom.  The movement, pictures, and words moving all over the screen should keep the attention of the majority of the students, and if all of those aspects are working together the student should be able to walk away with a solid foundation for the teacher to start building upon.

I also thought it was great that took my 10 minute PowerPoint and cut it down into 2.5 minutes.  The character limit is brilliant in that it really forces the creator to simplify and get to the point.  However, for the amount of time I took searching for images, it was disappointing that the video clip was only 2.5 minutes long.  Even though it can be quite time consuming it will not deter me from utilizing this took.  I feel that this format is something today’s students can connect to because it is keeps moving, gets the point across quickly, utilizes tons of color, incorporates music, and can be personalized.

As a quick summary I have also included 2 lists.  One for my favorite features and the other for my not so favorite features:

Favorite features:

-The great selection of music

-The decent selection of photos

-Ease of use

-The character limits

-Availability of websites to import information from

-Ability to import personal photos


-Theme options

-The utter beauty of the final product

-The video changes a bit with each playback

Not so favorite features:

-Where is the auto-save feature?  My computer decided to run into technical difficulties and I lost all of my work!

-After adding text and hitting enter, why do I need to “escape” from that screen?  I believe it should automatically return to the slide interface.

-No pictures of people.

-Text options limited (Where are the size and color?)

In other news for this week….

Twitter.  I’m not sure I’m going to like it.  I don’t have great cell reception at my house and I feel like twitter is a tool that most people use on their phones for “on the go” quick blogging.  I actually have to log on my home computer to use it most of the time.  I find this a bit annoying, just another browser I have to open.

Linked in is something I have been a member of for quite a few years now.  I feel it will be a great help when I complete this Masters program.


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  1. caseycatron says:

    jeanette – I love that you gave a bullet point list of all of the benefits and features of Animoto. It is a really easy way for a reader to decide whether this tool is for them and I agree with most everything you mentioned about it! Also – I agree! I just don’t think twitter is for me either.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Blog looks great but I was not sure where we were to post our commnets on the professional web page so I am posting here. I really like what I saw on your site. Good content and very clear and orderly. After seeing your I think I have to go spruce mine up a bit!

    Nicely done.

    Thanks, Kim

  3. nkelley88 says:

    I really enjoyed your video, I don’t know a lot about drama so it was a neat video to watch and learn from. It was very well done and had a lot of detail and information in it 🙂
    I also agree that the website not having a auto save feature was frustrating. I didn’t realize it at first and I almost lost a bunch of work myself!
    Good job!

  4. Jeanette

    Your blogs are so nicely done. I have been learning quit a bit by just looking at how you do your web portfolio and your blogs. If you get some time would you email me and give me some pointers on the Scratch game. I see that you did this very well. My email is

    Also I love how you have your page laid out on your blog site nice job.

    Tiffany Hartman