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I’m not sold on this shared sticky note idea.  I don’t like that sticky notes can become hidden behind other sticky notes when there are multiple post-its on the wall.  I had no trouble moving around post-its on my own wall but when I was on other walls I did not have the ability to move around post-its that were not my own.  This was frustrating because I could see that some were hidden but I could not access them.  If I was using this with a class would I then have to contact the students who’s post-its were “in the way” and have them move them?  This seems like a whole lot of extra work that could be avoided by starting a discussion board through a class website or even a class facebook page.  It just seems as though it would be easy to miss information that is posted on a wall because there is no organization.  This may just be a flaw of my own because I am somewhat obsessive about having everything organized and being visually pleasing.  As a teacher I feel I would constantly be updating and arranging the wall, so something that should have been a “fun” activity would end up consuming a large amount of my time.  This is why I feel this is not something for me, but I would encourage my students to try it out for themselves, because obviously there will be students who will enjoy this format of expression and collaboration.

As for use in the classroom, it may be fun to use this to create a wall of posts for pieces of literature that have been read in class.  The teacher could take the first 10-15 minutes of class-time to lead a class discussion about the previous nights reading assignment.  The teacher or student volunteers can then record the class discussion on the post-it wall.  Post-its can be broken down by main ideas, the message the author is sending, students favorite moments in the story, possible essay topics students would like to explore, etc.  A link can then be placed on the class website so students can reference the wall from home, the library, their phones, etc, when it comes time to review for a test, write an essay, or complete a project.  I believe that all students could benefit from this but it will really help out the students who don’t take great notes or don’t take any notes at all.  The class discussions will also allow students to build or improve their literacy skills by teaching them what to look for and think about when reading.

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  1. lanthony says:

    I can see where you think it can be unorganized, but did you see that you can set up the sticky notes to go in order, not just stick where ever you want. I also agree with you that it will help students who are not good at taking notes. They will be able to see other notes from other classmates as well as the teacher. In our school system we have a program called SCORE, I am not sure if you know that that is or not. It is a website that students can get on and see what they missed if there were sick, they can get notes, test reviews. The teachers have to set it up and keep it up to date. I think that takes a lot of time to keep organized, but once you get use to it it is pretty easy. I think if you tried this program out a few times, you could find ways that would make it easier and less time consuming.