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Overall I enjoyed exploring all of the different technology tools presented in this week’s class.  I decided to further explore the use of the comic book format and talking avatar mostly because they are both something I have never used.   I am so glad I decided to try something new this week because I loved using both of these tools!

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Comic life was so much fun that my 4 year old got in on the action when I decided to use her dolls to depict my story.  I will admit that the process is not short and quite labor intensive, but I believe the final product was worth every second, and I’m proud of the comic I put together.  It took so much time because first I logged into the site and immediately saw that I needed to have a game plan.

So, I started to brainstorm:

-What was my story was going to be about?

-How many characters did I need?

-Who are the characters going to be?

-How was I going to put the story together?

-Was I going to use my own images or pull them off the internet?

-Do I need to resize the images?

-Do I have enough content to meet the assignments requirements?

This was great because I now know exactly what my students need to do before they start working with this tool.  I feel it is a great way to get students to use technology and also learn about their content area at the same time.  Being able to tell a story with what has been learned is a great way to reinforce information in hopes that it can work it’s way into the long-term memory.

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The Voki website was also a wonderful experience.  I had so much fun creating my avatar; my husband was cracking up behind me as I talked my way through all of the options.  I guess I made it sound so interesting that he had to come over to the computer and check out what exactly it was I was doing.  He even thought it was a pretty cool little tool.  I will admit that I am having trouble getting my Voki to embed into a website but hopefully I can get the code to work on my portfolio instead of just using the link and a screen shot.  I believe that students will LOVE this tool.  What is more fun than making a female avatar with a male voice that has an Australian accent?  With Voki this is possible and because of all the diverse features it offers the opportunities are limitless for a classroom full of students.

Check out my vokis:

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