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My web inquiry is about the student creating his/her own definition of poetry.  I feel that poetry can be intimidating for some students because it is abstract and open to interpretation.  I feel students need to realize that because of the abstract nature of poetry, different pieces of work may have different meanings to individuals and they should not be afraid to “think outside the box”.

The main objectives of this webquest are allowing students to realize that poems take many shapes and forms, and are not limited to the rigid structures of limerick, haiku, sonnet, etc.  Once all of the tasks are completed students should realize that poetry can be found anywhere, is open to interpretation, and should be an enjoyable experience.  As a bonus the students will also work on their individual skills and group/partner skills.

This web quest guides the students down many different avenues to explore the definition of poetry. I have provided web definitions and video compilations that provide different perspectives of what poetry is to many different types of people.  This web quest also introduces students to some different forms of poetry that are less structured and more free-style, including song lyrics.   The order of the different tasks provides scaffolding so the students can eventually search the internet or a physical text to find a piece of poetry to analyze with a partner.

In the end, the final group discussion should somewhat resemble the video interpretations of poetry, where the meaning of poetry is different for each student depending on his/her previous experiences and the journey through this web inquiry.  This web inquiry will also show students that there are many sources to leaf through for something as seemingly simple as finding a definition for poetry.


Why is this an inquiry oriented activity?

-This is an inquiry oriented activity because it allows students to read different ideas of what poetry is. They are then asked to synthesis these different views and come up with their own definition.


What elements make it an inquiry oriented activity?

-Internet research, group participation, group discussions, and comparative analysis.


Why will your students be engaged in this topic in this activity?

-The use of current material such as song lyrics, collaboration within a group, ability to pick their own piece of poetry to explore further, using and coming up with their own ideas to analyze poetry.


How do you know they are learning what is intended?

-If the students are able to relate to the poems and provide meaningful interpretations. They may be surprised to find out that songs are a form of poetry.


If anyone is working on poetry with his or her class feel free to take my project into the classroom and let me know how it works out!  It can be found here:

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